Mr Max Bliss talks about Chemtrails

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Mr Max Bliss talks about chemtrails. All life is under duress in so many ways and that is by design. We have visited the Oxford University and meet a team working on the advanced stages of the regulations for Geoengineering. When it became clear we were compassionate people raising awareness to the fact that geoengineering has been going on for years....she became very nervous and uncomfortable. We were not there to cause trouble for her but to try and enter dialogue to share concerns. we have confirmation that we all must act now to raise awareness to the dangers of geoengineering, the health impacts are so dangerous we cannot ignore this any longer. the long and short of it is, they are aware that we the people can stop the whole program and expose the mass deception.

we now have multiple rain samples from all over the world as well as nail, hair, saliva and blood samples demonstrating excessively high amounts of Aluminium, Barium, Strontium and many other heavy metals supposedly proposed to be used for Solar Radiation Management. It is clear that the extreme weather events are being engineered to control food prices and for geopolitical reasons. This breaks the Nuremburg code, as they have been experimenting on we the people en mass without consultation or consent.

We have paid for this and also have the power to stop this, which we the people will....all expose the truth and exercise justice and return to the natural laws of God. We the people must rediscover our power together....and unite together overcoming the social conditioning and programming which results in "divide and rule". Celebrate our differences and come together, put the unity back into our community.

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