Wacek Reveals Company OLGACOM Behind Chemtrail Spraying in Europe

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Someone claims that Olgacom story is a hoax, review the claim at Debunked: Olgacom Scandal, Alenka Wacek, and Chemtrails

Threat email from Olgacom/Monsanto

June 19, 2011 By Alenka Wacek

I get this email from an @olgacomglobal.pl address. They know that I can publish this email, it shows that they do not care because nobody can get to them anyway. They are not in Poland only but on several countries, most in Asia. We need more people to sign the petition so that I can go to Polish parliament and ask them about this.

You can sign here: http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/stopolgacom

Here is the precise text:

Miss Wacek, I want to remind you that you signed a confidentiality agreement. We are currently monitoring your online behavior and recommend you to no longer engage in these activities. Think of your friends.

Kind Regards,

R. Vanderbilt

I checked the IP address of the sender and it is from Internet company in Denmark, same as the Olgacom website.

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