Human Health Damage from Forced Aerial Pesticide Spraying

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Michael Lynberg authored a 'Review of 643 Documented Complaints of Adverse Reactions Following the California Dept. of Food & Agriculture's (CDFA's) Aerial Spraying of two Pesticides based on Pheromones over Densely Populated Neighborhoods in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties in September, October and November 2007'

'Citizens complained of a variety of adverse reactions immediately and soon after the aerial spraying, including: Asthma attacks; Bronchial irritation; Lung congestion and soreness; Difficulty breathing and shortness of breath; Coughing or "wheezing;" Skin rashes (sometimes severe); Vision blurred; Eye irritation; Sore throats; Nasal congestion; Sinus bleeding; Chest pains and tightness; Heart arrhythmia and tachycardia (irregular and rapid heartbeat); Headaches (sometimes debilitating); An inability to concentrate and focus; Dizziness; Muscle aches; Body tremors; Intestinal pain and diarrhea; Nausea; Swollen glands and lymph nodes in neck and under arms; Feelings of lethargy and malaise; Menstrual cramping, an interruption to menstrual cycles, and in some cases a re-commencement of menstrual cycles after menopause....'

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