Fake Chemtrail Letter Posted Anonymously

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Letter posted anonymously gets attention from the RCMP

PENTICTON — The City of Penticton has complained to the RCMP after fake, official looking notices were posted around the city warning people of chem trail poisoning.

The leaflet on official city letterhead is signed by “Susan Smith”, a non-existent manager of the Environment Department which also doesn’t exist.

It asks people to email the premier if they see so called chem trails in the sky.

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Taken from the comment section - EXCELLENT!

Theoldman wrote: Stop feeding the conspiracy dialogue using the words Chem Trails - use the correct name - Atmospheric Geo-engineering - a climate "shield inhibitor" to reduce solar radiation under the disguise of global warming. And while you are all lost in dah dah land you miss the real purpose of this Geo-engineering. Use a moments logic and think this through - you place a shield in the jet stream - aluminum silicate mixed with long strand polymers contain barium and other undesirable toxins. The shield blocks the sun and the area above the shield get warm..directly below the shield in the shadow - it is cooler, and below that air mass is warm air.

So what happens when you have cold air above hot - the cold air drops - when it does it displaces the warm air below which rises - the storm front and air mass moves and you get a spin - if this happens over dry areas - you get "super cells" and massive lightening storms and many tornadoes at higher category. If this happens over the ocean say out in the warmer climates - the cold air dropping would force warmer wet air to rise and the spin will become a hurricane - a massive one.

What is the purpose - profit - someone has to rebuild it - fear and dependency on corrupted governments and corporations, at a time when our human need is tested to the limits with disaster. What is the cover - global warming and carbon taxation world wide. Why - Profit - plain and simple - and control of people through fear and consequent subjugation of your rights.

This is not conspiracy theory - this is called business as usual - the more you complain about Chem trails the more they believe how stupid people are - while we are all caught in the propaganda distraction the real game is destroy and rebuild - profit and control - why not - people will believe anything.


Oljuscha wrote: I have been researching, observing, and photographing chemtrails for about a year now - Kent, if you believe what people are reporting are simply condensation trails, why do they persist for as many as up to 14 hours in the sky? Under any conditions, this is not normal contrail behaviour, as you would know given your experience in airport management. Last autumn I had the first rain that fell tested after about a week of seeing upwards of 60 jets a day that left plumes that did not evaporate, and that spread to a thick haze in the sky. The results came back with 40 times the Max Allowable Concentration for drinking water guidelines of ALUMINUM, 6 times the MAC of of CADMIUM, and 36 times the MAC of LEAD.

I live in the pristine village of New Denver in the Kootenays, and THIS IS NOT NORMAL. If it's not coming from the long lasting plumes of jet aircraft, would you have another suggestion? Additionally I should mention that in the weeks previous to the collection of this rainwater sample, the wind was constantly coming from the North, and so it is highly doubtful that these contaminants were coming from the smelter in Trail.

For other doubters, google "Bill H.R. 2977" a U.S. Bill in Congress that mentions chemtrails by name as an exotic weapon. Or google "Case Orange", a 300pg document compiled by aerospace engineers which clearly documents the existence of Chemtrails. Or google "stratospheric aerosol geoengineering". There are literally hundreds of US Patents that describe the use of ejecting aerosolized particulate matter (the same components of which are being found in rain, air, soil and snow samples from around the world - aluminum, barium, strontium, lead etc.) from jet aircraft to geoengineer or manipulate the weather.

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