Smearing the Sky Chemtrails Over Egypt

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From the perennial smog that makes Cairo give any city in China, India or Mexico a run for its money as the world's most polluted, to the infamous seasonal "black cloud" that mercilessly impairs the health of the victims it hovers above annually, Egypt's skies have long been beleaguered by one odious menace after another. The latest addition to these comes in the form of long trails of chemicals sprayed from the exhaust pipes of airplanes, now known as chemtrails.

In contrast to contrails, the regular exhaust of airplanes which can be seen for about 30 seconds before they vaporize and disappear, chemtrails are thicker and denser, and can go up to a hundred kilometers before slowly dispersing over the course of a few hours into a stringy and nebulous suspended cloud. Their contents have been designed for weather control purposes, and were ostensibly created to combat global warming by reflecting the sun's heat back into space. However, its existence has been kept under the radar of international media, relegating it to the realm of myths invented by conspiracy theorists. However, chemtrails have been tarnishing Egyptian skies for over five years, and their disturbing consequences have already been seen.

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