Reasons For Not Go To Copenhagen

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This was an international Climate Change demonstration, two years ago: December 2007. The photograph was taken in Athens , Greece , but it could have been taken anywhere. The message of the small group holding the two placards, in English and in Greek, saying “Spraying from Aircraft is NOT the answer to Climate Change” passed unnoticed. This is despite the fact of our having participated in the organization of the demonstration and tried unsuccessfully to influence the wording of the resolutions issued in the name of the demonstration as a whole.

Our position was, and is, that there cannot be meaningful discussion of climate change without simultaneous reference to the aerial spraying (with aluminium? with barium? with sulphates?) being conducted globally and represented by informal sources as an “answer” to the problem of climate change.

The veil of silence that shrouds this spraying, evidently detrimental to both the environment and human health, appears to be due not only to its illegality but also to the impossibility of its being legalized, given the difficulties faced by governments in persuading public opinion that deliberate pollution can be a “solution” to any problem.

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