Chris Maple talks to Roxy Lopez on Truth Denied abou the movie The Great Culling

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Roxy Lopez host of Truth Denied radio show talks with Chris Maple, one of the co-producers of one of the greatest documentaries of all time, THE GREAT CULLING.

Chris Maple a Los Angeles photographer by trade I am co-producing a documentary which hopes to expose the heavy metal toxins that humanity, unbeknownst to them are subjected to on a daily basis. Not only is just our drinking water under attack with the Sodium Fluoride but we have uncovered through our research that our food, as well as the air we breath is being laced, by design with metals all in the name of "it's for your own good". With neurological disorders on the rise at a alarming rate, the CDC states that 1 in every 98 children will be diagnosed with Autism, in the state of California it's 1 in every 50 something. Someone needs to bring awareness to the effects and more importantly the treatments.


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