Global March Against Monsanto at Vancouver Art Gallery on August 25 2013

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  • Global March Against Monsanto on August 25 2013
  • Vancouver Art Gallery
  • 10AM to 2PM
  • Carry Banners / Hand Out Flyers about Chemtrails

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On August 25th thousands and thousands of people from all around the world will gather in their respect city centers at 2:00 PM and march en-masse to protest against geo-engineering and chemtrails. Please join this global march and bring attention to dangerous toxins being released into the atmosphere by military and civilian planes, without public consent or oversight.

March Against Monsanto Website

Update: Sept 02 2013

Press for Truth with Dan Dicks, video report includes interview with Bill Vander Zalm.

Well, we did it. The first ever worldwide march against chemtrails. In Vancouver, we were temperarily upstaged by 7 sets of boobs and 200 of their followers along with a pack of photograghers and videographers from mainstream news outlets. LOL!

On a mission to make Vancouver a Chemtrail Free Zone