CanadaSkyWatch Rainfall Project planning session on April 14 2013

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  • CanadaSkyWatch Rainfall Project on April 14 2013
  • Princeton Pub at Victoria St. Vancouver
  • 11AM to 1PM
  • Organizational Meeting

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The Skywatch Rainfall Project will test Lower Mainland rainfall water during heavy rains immediately following intense chemtrail spraying of Vancouver's skies.

Five Skywatch volunteers from different districts in the Lower Mainland will collect 3ml of rainwater in each of 20 laboratory jars supplied by ALS Laboratories.

The volunteer will pour the collected rainwater into one jar and create a 60 ml rainwater sample. All five Skywatch volunteers will submit their 60ml rainwater sample to the Skywatch organizer.

The Skywatch organizer will pour all of the samples into one 250ml jar and add a nitric acid preservative supplied by the laboratory.

The cost to conduct a laboratory ICP scan of a 250ml (1 cup) rainwater sample is $35. ALS Laboratories will test for barium, aluminum and strontium.

The Skywatch Rainfall Project will submit an article describing the project and the test results to Common Ground, The Agora and The Georgia Straight for publication. The results will also be forwarded to politicians, environmental groups, universities and other media.

ALS Laboratories is one of the world’s largest and most diversified analytical testing service providers with sites around the globe that provide accurate and timely results.

ALS Laboratories Website

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