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Airline pilot talks about chemtrails

Project LightsOut interview with pilot

Special Report from Project Lights Out - impromptu interview with pilot who talks about what he knows concerning chemtrails.

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Stephen Colbert interviews David Keith

CRAZY DAVE has a new book titled A Case for Geoengineering

David Keith is CRAZY. Watch this video and tell me you don't agree. NUTS! He admits, "GeoEngineering is pollution but pollution can save the world!"

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Former Premiere of British Columbia, Bill Vander Zalm sent the following letter to dozens of politicians across BC! - - - Click Here to read the letter

UPDATE August 21th: Environment Canada denies Bill Vander Zalm and labels people concerned about chemtrails as "Stupid"! Click the Link Above

UPDATE August 16th: Listen to Bill Vander Zalm on Goddard Report radio show talking about chemtrails! Click the Link Above

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February 24 2013
Brunch and Discussions with Chemtrails Vancouver Meetup group

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